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Solo Align ™ kogu keha süsteem

Klarity-K™ Carbon Fiber is a
new higher standard for
carbon fiber with excellent
attenuation factors. Klarity-K
is made with revolutionary
high-precision manufacturing
for exact dimensional and
compositional consistency.
• Enhanced indexing
• Comfortable shoulder
• Strong and durable


Solo Align™ Full Body System
The Klarity Solo Align Full Body System is configured for
multiple treatments and has a narrow profile that is
compatible with smaller bore machines.
The Klarity-K™ Carbon Fiber baseplate can be used to
immobilize the head, neck, shoulders, thorax, and pelvis for
targeted as well as whole-body irradiation. The baseplate
includes three sink-lock channels on either side of the pelvic
area to ensure better conformability. Custom vacuum bags
attach to the baseplate for further customization.
The Solo Align Baseplate works with all standard S-type head
masks. It is also compatible with the R460-2436S5T Head &
Shoulder mask, which has a narrow shoulder profile for highly
specific positioning.
124cm (Length) x 54cm (Width)
Also available as MR Compatible