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Avior P1 MRI Medibord ülekate

• Interlocks onto
existing table
• No interference
with main coils
• 2 part overlay set
• Compatible with
positioning accessories
• High rigidity


Kuma MRI Medibord Overlay MRI Overlay
for GE Signa
Klarity offers the Kuma Medibord MRI Overlay for GE Signa.
It enables optimum Radiotherapy Planning delivering repeatability
between imaging and treatment. The flat registration of the patient’s
position eliminates table curvature and provides a position equivalent
to that of a Linac treatment system. In addition, images are taken in
the same position as on CT scanner, providing fast and accurate
image fusion.
The Kuma Overlay is available across the 1.5T and 3T systems. The
overlay is located on the top of the existing table and locks over the
edge with supports that follow the curvature of the table. This solution
is designed so that the torso coil fits under the main infill board and
the support board can be located on either side of the main board.
The main boards has indexing as a standard.
The Kuma Overlay has low attenuation. It is fully MRI compatible, RF
compatible, and nonconductive.
82/52cm (main/support) (Length) x 39cm (Width) x 2cm (Depth)