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Optek ™ poolpõrand

Klarity-K™ Carbon Fiber is a
new higher standard for
carbon fiber with excellent
attenuation factors. Klarity-K
is made with revolutionary
high-precision manufacturing
for exact dimensional and
compositional consistency.
• Enhanced indexing
• Comfortable shoulder
• Strong and durable


The Klarity Optek Demi-Baseplate
for the Elekta HexaPOD™ System.
Klarity Optek™ Demi-Baseplate
The Optek Demi-Baseplate is specially designed for the
Elekta HexaPOD™ evo RT System, and is equally useful
for situations requiring S-type masks with a shortened
baseplate. It is extremely lightweight and the lower
portion gently tapers for patient comfort. The Optek
Demi-Baseplate is dual-configured for pediatric and adult
S-type masks and is compatible with all S-Type masks.
58cm (Length) x 61cm (Width)

Also available as R630-OHCF
O-type/U-frame Demi-Baseplate
for the Elekta HexaPOD™ evo RT
System, compatible with all
O-type and U-frame Masks.