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• Minimal attenuation
• Lightweight and durable
• Adjustable arm supports
• Engineered for quick setup
• Superior Klairty-K™
carbon fiber composition


Klarity Supine Breast System
The Klarity Supine Breast System is a complete
system for supine breast and torso positioning.
The Klarity Supine Breast System comes as a
complete system and includes two arms cups,
two wrist cups, two hand posts, a removable head
cup, adjustable bottom-stopper, and a leg
cushion. The system is made of strong,
lightweight Klarity-K™ Carbon Fiber and is CT
compatible. Fiducial markers allow for easy
tracking of the spine in relation to the baseplate.
The Klarity Supine Breast System is compatible
with the WingSpan™ Baseplate.
131cm (Length) x 41cm (Width)
Maximum Height is 58.2cm at 25°