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Aadress: 13a, Narva mnt., Tallinn, 10151, Estonia

SW / YP930 imikute inkubaator


• Air-temp or skin-temp serv o-controlled by
Micro-computer, set-temp, real-temp and aux-temp
display in three windows, with RS232 connnector
• Auto-adjust heating power, display he ating power
Electronical stands
• With temperature deviation, over-temp, sensor
failure, fan low-speed and power broken alarm
and so on
• ;o:37’Ctemperature set, inclin ation of the bassinet
adjustable sleeplessly
Isolated system alarm
• Equipped with guardrail, whole trough(AL),
quiet operation windows, double walls hood,
airtemp sensor
Wihen opening the front door, automatic air
curtain come