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The Klarity Vacuum Bag: a stronger, more durable
vacuum bag that’s fully MR Safe

Vacuum Bag for Body Support
30-liter fill
100 x 80 cm


Klarity Vacuum Bags are ultra-strong and
durable, made of an impermeable nylon
shell to help prevent punctures and tears.
All vacuum bags are airtight, leak-proof,
and filled with low-density mini-spheres
made from polystyrene. A corner grommet
allows for easy storage. All Klarity Vacuum
Bags are available with or without built-in
indexing bars.
Klarity Vacuum Bags are designed for
long-term, multi-patient use. The nylon
shell can be easily cleaned between
patients. Our vacuum bags also come with
replacable valves, and all bags can be
equiped with valves to fit all standard
vacuum pumps. Please specify valve type
when requesting a quote.