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Bipolaarsed ühekordsed pikenduskaablid

Disposable and reusable bipolar extension cables for connecting heartwire to external temporary
pacemaker. Disposable cables are supplied in a STERILE packaging for a safe and immediate use.


F7818/LC series

F7818/30LC Touch proof 2 mm shrouded plugs (grey cable)
F7818/33LC 2 mm plugs with protective caps (grey cable)
F7818/MEDLC Medtronic* type Connector (grey cable)
F7818/4BIOLC Biotronic* Redel type connector for dual chamber
PM with 4 screw sockets (grey cable)
F7818/BIOLC Biotronic* Redel type connector (grey cable)
F7818/OSYLC Osypka* type connector

F7819 series

Terminal box with 2 mm screw side socket
F7819/30 Touch proof 2 mm shrouded plugs, grey box
F7819/33 2 mm plugs with protective caps, grey box
F7819/MED Medtronic * type connector, grey box
F7819/BIO Biotronik * Redel type connector, grey box
Bipolar reusable extension cables
Also available in blue colour